Gender wise estimates of Hepatitis B and C in the General Population of Faisalabad , Pakistan

Gender wise estimates Hep B&C


  • Abid Rashid
  • Muhammad Farooq Bhatti
  • Sultan Ayaz



Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Community Surveillance


Objectives: To estimate the frequency of hepatitis B and C and find its association with gender.
Methodology: This community surveillance was done by Surriya Majeed trust hospital during January to April 2017
after taking approval from hospital management. Free Hepatitis Camp was arranged at Surriya Majeed Trust
Hospital Faisalabad - Pakistan in the above mentioned duration. During this survey 1000 subjects of either gender
between ?1 and ? 80 years of age, years, with diverse religions, professional, social and educational backgrounds,
were screened for hepatitis B and C. All subjects were self-motivated beyond recording age and gender and were
explained with the purpose of the study. Consent was obtained and anonymity was assured. In the case of subjects
under 18 year consent was taken from the parents/guardians. From each included subject, blood was drawn
following aseptic measures. For the qualitative detection of hepatitis B and C virus, Immunochromatographic tests
were used. All positive cases are reconfirmed by ELISA technique. Statistical analysis was done by SPSS version
21.0. Results were presented as mean±SD, frequencies and percentages. Chi-square (X2) test was used to analyze
association between gender and hepatitis.
Results: This study consisted of 1000 participants of which 374(37.6%) were male and 622(62.4%) were females.
Mean age of the study participants was 35.11±13.65.Of total 177(17.7%) were hepatitis C positive and 16(1.6%)
were positive for Hepatitis B. On comparing gender for hepatitis, we found that greater number of females were
seropositive for hepatitis C as compared males while hepatitis B was more commonly detected in males. X2 test
shows significant association of hepatitis and gender. These findings are strengthened by logistic regression
analysis with significant p values (<0.05)
Conclusion: Hepatitis C was more prevalent than hepatitis B in Faisalabad district. In terms of gender, hepatitis C
was most frequently found in females while hepatitis was most prevalent in male.




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Rashid, A., Bhatti, M. F., & Ayaz, S. (2021). Gender wise estimates of Hepatitis B and C in the General Population of Faisalabad , Pakistan: Gender wise estimates Hep B&C. Journal of Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College, 3(1), 13–16.



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