Plagiarism & Similarity Index

This journal strongly opposes the practice of duplicate publication or any type of plagiarism.

  • This journal seeks to advance the state of medical art by publishing the highest quality scientific research and such quality cannot be achieved if plagiarism is abided. a Plagiarism policy of the journal is as per HEC, PMDC, COPE and ICMJE guidelines. To check the similarity index all articles must be processed through turnitin software as per HEC guidelines. Turnitin is the best anti-plagiarism application serving to promote academic reputation through original writing.
  • As per ICJME Guidelines If the report has a similarity index ≤19%, then benefit of doubt may be given to the author but, in case, any single source has a similarity index >=5% without citation then it needs to be revised and will be sent back to the author for revision to bring similarity index down to the permissible limit.
  • After revision, it will again be processed through the same software for checking its originality. After a satisfactory report, it will be sent to reviewers for peer review
  • Articles with a similarity index within more than 19% will not be published
  • The similarities in the document may contain matches with author's previous work; it may be ignored if it is the same work.