A Rare Presentation of Central Giant Cell Granuloma of the Maxillary Sinus

Giant Cell Granuloma of the Maxillary Sinus

  • Muhammad Saleem
  • Danish Hassnain
Keywords: Central giant cell granuloma, recurrent epistaxis, Nasal obstruction


Central giant cell granuloma (CGCG), also known as giant cell reparative granuloma, is a non-cancerous proliferative lesion of unknown etiology. It is a localized osteolytic lesion with the diverse biological behavior of aggression which most commonly affects the mandible and other jaw bones. It is a rare condition and its characteristic clinical or radiological features are still not well defined. It resembles to some neoplasms and can easily be misdiagnosed with Antro- Choanal Polyp, Angiofibroma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and  inverted Cell papilloma.We are reporting a case of rare presentation of CGCG arising from the maxillary sinus. This is a case report of a 15 year old boy who presented with the episodes of recurrent epistaxis and nasal obstruction. Diagnosis of giant cell granuloma was made on the basis of age presentation, rare location, and histological findings of excised specimen, which revealed central giant cell granuloma. This case helps to demonstrate the wide variation in the clinical and radiological features of CGCG and highlights the significance of histological features of this lesion.

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