Efficacy of Herbal Preparation(Cystone) in Management of Urinary Stone Disease

  • Nauman Khalid
  • Muhammad Sohail
  • M.Tahir Bashir Malik
  • Hanan Noor
  • Muhammad Saifullah
  • Muhammad Akram
Keywords: Renal stone, Ureteric stone, Cystone


Objective:To evaluate the efficacy of herbal medicine cystone, in reduction of renal and ureteric stone size.
Methodology: This observational follow up study was conducted in Urology Department, Madinah Teaching Hospital, associated with University Medical and Dental College, Faisalabad after obtaining the ethical approval from the mentioned institute during March 2018 to December 2018. One hundred and ninety two patients coming to urology outpatient clinic, fulfilling the inclusion criteria were recruited in the study. Out of which 27(14.06%) were lost in follow up and were excluded from study. Out of remaining 165 patients, 99 were male and 66 female patients. All patients with renal stones who were freshly prescribed with oral Tablet cystone twice a day for four weeks were enrolled in the study and were followed for stone size with ultrasonography followed for the duration of four weeks Patients were followed till the primary endpoint.
Results: One hundred and seven (64.84%) patients cleared the stone, 10 (6.06%) patients had their stone size reduced,17(10.3%) patients had their stone size unchanged and 31 (18.78%) patients had their stone size increased. No significant adverse effects were noted during the study that required the patients to stop the treatment. There was significant decrease in stone size from initial mean stone size1.57 ±0.08 mm to end point stone size 0.69 ±0.09 mm after treatment with cystone (p- value 0.000).
Conclusion: The mean stone size was reduced after using this herbal preparation for one month.

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