Initial Systemic Treatment of Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

  • Muhammad Kamran Siddique
  • Ehsan -ur- Rehman
  • Muhammad Saqib Khan
Keywords: Non-small cell lung cancer, Immune check point inhibitors, Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy, Chemotherapy.


The incidence of lung cancer is rising worldwide and cigarette smoking is recognized major risk factor for lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) constitutes majority of all lung cancer cases. The prognosis for NSCLC remains poor. The five-year survival rate for all NSCLC stages combined is 23% and for stage IV NSCLC alone is 6%. The systemic chemotherapy has proved to prolong survival in some patients with advanced NSCLC. The targeted treatments have recently become available for minority of patients with NSCLC due to identification of sensitizing mutations and improved understanding of downstream molecular pathways. The immune check point inhibitors have redefined treatment for majority of NSCLC patients who lack “sensitizing mutations” for targeted agents. This review discusses current standard treatment for advanced NSCLC in first line setting.

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